Branded Entertainment
Branded Entertainment

It was 1982 when ET handed “Reese’s Pieces” to Elliot and sales of Hershey’s peanut butter candy increased by 80%.

Since that film, the concept of modern-day branded entertainment has been on the mind of every brand manager and marketing whiz.

With the explosion of American Idol’s “in-your-face” integration in the summer of 2003, the Branded Entertainment market has exploded 30.5% to $3.46 billion in 2004!

Integration of brands into entertainment properties is now becoming the norm.

Capitalizing on all these opportunities is challenging because the entertainment industry works on a different schedule than most of us in the marketing world. This has created a difficult route for brand managers trying to integrate a little bit of entertainment into their campaigns.

Get access to 100 of the year's hottest branded entertainment and product placement opportunities in films, DVDs, TV, celebrity events and other entertainment properties.

Published by Jeff Greenfield, Executive Vice President of 1st Approach, Branded Entertainment Opportunities is available in a Basic and Deluxe version.   Available exclusively thru VNU Media, the publishers of Adweek, MediaWeek, Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.

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Branded Entertainment Guide

Imagine if you could create an entire TV Series specifically designed to feature your brands and products, normally draining $6 million from your marketing budget…but have zero impact on your marketing budget and zero impact on earnings?

It sounds crazy, but through the end of 2008, the U.S. tax law allows this.

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Branded Entertainment Financing

Our Executive Vice President (Jeff Greenfield) leads all Branded Entertainment and cross-promotion negotiations between clients and entertainment properties in television, film, music and video games.

Jeff is also a featured speaker at many events including The Next Big Idea, NATPE, GEM and in demand by many news organizations to comment on the integration of advertising into entertainment.

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Branded Entertainment Speaker - Jeff Greenfield

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